The VOLLLT Chronicles. Volume 1

My First New Car! It’s Electric.


You may think I’m a little old to claim that this is my first new car. But here’s my story: I didn’t need a car in college or law school because I lived in urban areas (Washington, DC and Boston). When I married, my husband and I shared a car. Thus, not really mine. We only bought a second car when our first child came along. So, immediately: mom car!

Flash-forward sixteen years, our first born is getting his driver’s license and I’m handing off my “mom car” to my kids to use. After all, it’s safe, completely “mom’ed” as in “Mom-my-ride” kind of mucked-up, dinged, you name it.

I wanted to go for the latest in fuel-efficiency and to try the new technology. I researched the well-established Toyota Prius, the Nissan Leaf, the Tesla, and the Chevrolet Volt.

Since the Tesla wouldn’t be available to the commercial market for at least another year. I ruled it out. The Nissan Leaf made me nervous, because it’s strictly electric. You run out of electricity and you’re parked until you recharge. That left the Prius and the Volt. I like the Prius just fine. But I love the look and feel of the Volt. It drives great. It’s quiet. It has a gas generator that charges the battery when you exceed the battery range. If you want to drive long distance, you can go about 300 miles on a tank of gas and then refill until you are able to get to a charging station. So many bells and whistles came standard. I couldn’t resist!



I’ve been driving my new Chevy Volt for a few months now. I love it! See my new plates? VOLLLT. Check out my cute car magnets too! My hope is that making it look “girly” will make my sixteen year old son less likely to beg to drive it. Unfortunately, he’s too smart for that. “They’re magnets, Mom. I can just take them off. Can I drive it?”

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