Fodder For Fiction First Friday Writing Exercise: January 2010

It’s the first monthly Fodder For Fiction First Friday Writing Exercise! Anyone who completes the assignment and posts it as a comment to this blog entry by 11:59 pm EST on January 31, 2010 will be entered into a drawing. January’s special winner will receive free download of the e-book version of Double Out and Back as well as a free special edition e-cookbook from the authors at Red Rose Publishing, Kissin’ Don’t Last, Cookin’ Does. The winner will be announced on the blog on Sunday, January 31, 2010 at midnight.

January’s Writing Exercise

Look at the photograph below.

Write three short paragraphs about the photograph, one from woman’s point of view, one from the child’s, and the third from a third person not included in the picture. Have fun with this. Good Luck!

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One Response to Fodder For Fiction First Friday Writing Exercise: January 2010

  1. Laura Breck says:

    What a great idea, Lisa! This was really fun!

    Sonia held little Vanessa’s hands, remembering the first time she had a skating lesson. She’d been only three, that frigid day on the town skating rink in Bergen. So long ago, so many lessons since then, culminating in two Olympic medals, and four years touring with Stars on Ice. But today – this was what she’d looked forward to. This was her new job, and she loved it.

    Vanessa gripped her skating teacher’s mittens. “Don’t let go,” she begged about a hundred times, and Sonia hadn’t. She felt safe with her. The last three months in the hospital had been the worst, but Daddy promised if she healed okay, and could walk by New Year’s Day, she would get to try skating. She was doing it!

    Vanessa’s dad watched his daughter skate for the first time in her seven years. His throat choked shut as he memorized the moment. Sonia’s skating stories as she’d helped his baby girl rehab from surgery were more motivational to Vanessa than any of his promises of Disney World or warm Caribbean beaches. The human factor – Sonia – brought Vanessa to life.

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