Family Bucket List Series. Volume 2. Issue 10.

by Lisa Lipkind Leibow, Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

Hana, Maui was a tough act to follow. I could have spent the entire vacation there. Our final stop: the Westin on the West Coast of Maui seemed almost like being back in the hustle and bustle of the real world – well, it was busy, tough to find a chair by the pool or a spot to sit on the crowded beach (should be my worst problem..). The big draw for many folks was the open air shopping mall with everything from a Croc store to frozen yogurt shop.  I’m not a huge shopper, so I could take or leave that part.

However, the kids loved the cool water slides at the pool.  The snorkeling from the beachfront was spectacular. By now, Thing 2 had memorized the fish-watching cards we picked up on the Big Island. He kept tapping me to point at a fish and to signal me to surface. “Mom, did you see that unicorn fish!” or “that’s the humuhumunukunukuapuaa.” (He explained that some call it the Reef Triggerfish, but the card listed the Hawaiian name for it and he loved saying it!)

unicorn fish

Reef Trigger Fish aka humuhumunukunukuapuaa

Just as we started our trip with a luau, we finished up by celebrating at another! This time, we got seats right up front and even got to participate in the show! The show included the most amazing fire dancers.  My still photos ruin the illusion of the spinning flaming batons by freezing them in time. Take my word for it. They were awesome! After the show, Thing 1 asked if he could try to blow the conch shell. The M.C. let him! His trumpet (and shofar) blowing skills paid off. He might have a future as a luau king!

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