What is it?

It was originally conceived when an author on the Kindleboards saw a message from a deployed troop member saying that Amazon’s Whispernet for Kindle doesn’t work overseas. The author sent the troop his book for free by email and the idea was born, and grew. He now collects names of deployed troops who would like to receive eBooks and he has shared his list to any author who would like to donate eBooks.

What I’m going to do.

I’m going to donate Double Out and Back eBooks to military personnel by sending them prepaid ebook coupons from All Romance eBooks.

It’s my way of thanking those who serve our country overseas – and in a way, it makes me feel like a member of the USO because I’m doing my part to entertain the troops!

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  1. Lisa L. Leibow says:

    Kat, Thank your nephew for me.

    Franny, I look forward to calling-in today.

    thanks for the kind words! Funny to hear that I inspire YOU, because YOU inspire ME. LOL.

  2. Donna M. McDine says:


    What a wonderful and touching idea. You go girl! You are a true inspiration!

    Best wishes for your continued success.

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  3. Franny Armstrong says:

    You ROCK Lisa! Would you call in on Sunday's show to tell btr listeners about it? What a wonderful concept. Just a quick 5-10 minute spot with Kali, Aimee St. Claire and me.

    I admire you for it and hope to do so myself in March!


  4. Kat says:

    I'd be glad to do it, but my first ebook isn't even out yet. I'll definately keep the info for when it is out. My nephew was just shipped out on Monday for a year long stint in Afghanistan.

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