Family Bucket List Series. Volume 2. Issue 5.

by Lisa Lipkind Leibow, Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

We had so much fun snorkeling in the lagoon on Day 2, we decided to hang around the hotel and spend another day snorkeling with the turtles. We also encountered a school of mullets. They are so cool to watch. They actually jumped out of the water like flying fish.

The next day, we left Kona and drove the southern route to Volcano Village, stopping at Keleakaua Bay to watch kayakers paddle across to snorkel. We continued on and took a walking tour at the Place of Refuge and then snorkeled next door. The reef and rocks were amazing! I picked up a fish-watching card and book. We stopped at varius scenic spots, including black sand beach, before arriving at our house in Volcano village.

Place of Refuge

Black Sand Beach

We ate at Thai Thai Restaurant – Delicious! Summer rolls, papaya salad and spicy eggplant with chicken. After dinner we stopped at the Volcaon National Park and headed to the crater viewing from Jagger Museum. The crater glowed red – sooo cool!

My camera doesn't do this justice...

The lovely house we rented was Rooster cottage. I highly recommend it!

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