Family Bucket List Series. Volume 2. Issue 4.

by Lisa Lipkind Leibow, Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

Day 3: We headed out to Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area (Hwy. 19, near mile marker 69) under promises of good boogie boarding. The waves broke too close to the shore. No worries, even a bad day at the beach is better than a work day! The wave-jumping kept us smiling.

One glitch in our beach-going experience: Hubby was nervous to leave keys to the car unattended, and our rental had one of those integrated electronic keys, so we couldn’t just tie it to our bathing suit or secure it in a pocket, like usual. We needed to devise an easy way to hold our key and still play in the water. Our solution for the day, we took turns on land, so we didn’t have any time all together in the water. (Another, this should be my worst problem… moment).

We met our friends for dinner again. This time at Kamuela Provision Company (“KPC”), outside overlooking the ocean at sunset. Beautiful, isn’t it.

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