My Book Promotion Blooper

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a featured guest on Marilyn Lee’s yahoo group for an exclusive on-line chat. I was thrilled to give it a try. While I’m an avid blogger here and at Roses of Prose, as well as a frequent tourist of the blogosphere, I had never experienced the power of the yahoo chat room. When I scheduled the event, I didn’t know my husband would be planning a special family weekend getaway to Hot Springs, Virginia. I figured no problem.

I joined the on-line group and set my membership to receive individual messages. I tested to ensure I could receive and respond on my blackberry. I posted my bio, book blurb, and links to my video trailer, blogs, & website in advance because I didn’t know how to do that from my phone. So proud of myself for overcoming the obstacle and my ability to take my show on the road—literally.

No problem, right?—WRONG! Sure, it seemed fine as we set out on the road. I had grandiose plans of completing the chat as a passenger and starting vacation as soon as we arrived at the Homestead Resort.

Little did I know, at precisely 10:59 a.m. – one minute before the chat was to begin—we would enter a dead zone in the mountains. A country glitch this city girl did not anticipate. I spent the next hour typing messages destined to wait in my “send queue.”

Apologizing to the group;

Explaining where I was;

Letting them know I’d answer questions soon as I had a signal;

Updating them on the lovely scenery;

Promising them I was a “texting” passenger, not driver;

And more.

I didn’t’ have a signal until we arrived at the resort. My messages left my outbox and a slew of questions arrived in my inbox. I rudely ignored my family during luch and did what I often yell at my teen-son for doing—texted at the table! I know—double standard! But this was a unique circumstance.

All in all, it ended up fine. I met some new on-line friends. I hope they’ll buy my book!

Are you an author? Share with me some of your mose challenging moments while promoting your books.

Best to you,

Lisa Lipkind Leibow

Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

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  1. Lisa–how funny! I had a wonderful time at Homestead–for a political convention but still–lovely place but sooooo far away! hope you didn’t use google to directions–I ended up learning a LOT about country folk.

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