Family Bucket List Series. Vol. 1. Issue 9

Day 7
We woke up to the boys complaining that they didn’t sleep so well all sharing one King-sized bed. I wish they would have told me. I would have suggested one of them move to the couch. I wouldn’t even mention this at all, but the lack of sleep colored the rest of the day.

Our morning was great! After breakfast, we met our trail ride guide and horses for a one-hour ride. Our horses were: Thunder, Lightning, Roany, Ace, and can’t remember hubby’s…

We traversed up and down a steep, sandy path, through high desert land overlooking Zion National Park. We all loved riding and decided we would look for other opportunities to be around horses.
I loved experiencing the canyon trails from a different means in each place.

Oldest, especially, complained of being tired and he seemed to be coming down with a cold. So, we changed our original plan to hike the Narrows thorugh the river and opted for an easier way to explore Zion.

We drove through the park: beautiful mountain road, winding through the rocky hills. We actually drove THROUGH the mountains via a tunnel blasted through the middle. We couldn’t find parking at the visitor’s center se we parked just outside the park in Springdale and took the shuttle back into the park.

We stopped at the Weeping Rock for a short, half-mile hike to see the cliff side dripping water everywhere. It gave the illusion of being in a rainforest in the middle of high desert country – interesting phenomenon.

Next shuttle stop was Zion Lodge for lunch, cafeteria style burgers, dogs, and deli. This is the only park we visited that had the kind of simple, American Junk food I expected (or was worried) to see everywhere along our trip. I’m hoping I won’t hate the scale when I get home. I have made good choices most places.

Over lunch, we took a vote on what was the favorite park and what was the favorite activity. Majority voted Bryce as the most unique vistas, geological phenomenon and Lake Powell a close second. Horseback riding, tubing and three mile hike in and out of the Bryce Amphitheater all made a strong showing for family favorite activities. We couldn’t come to consensus of the best one.

We made two more shuttle stops at Zion, to see the Three Patriarchs – a short 100 yard climb from the shuttle afforded a spectacular iew of the three mountains in a row, named Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Then to the visitor center where I bouth my book of scenic Zion views. We shuttled back to Springdale, where the boys found their t-shirts and a snowglobe.

Hubby did the driving from Zion to Vegas. The resto f us enjoyed the change in scenery.
There were these very cool looking trees. I must look up what is the species. They had thick brances like a palm tree with many branches each with a tuft of broad leaves at the tip.

We checked-in to the Venetian. We have a luxurious suite with a king BR and a LR with pull out sofa, roll away and a dining area. We ate dinner at Cafe Lux. I was bad in the car and snacked on fudge and cheezita and trail mix. So, I had veggies for dinner. It was fine for me, though.

After we ate, we went swimming at the 10th floor pool, which was open until 10 p.m. There was a hot pool with fountains in it. It felt great to hae the warm water on my sore muscles. I have really enjoyed this active vacation filled with hiking, tubing, swimming, horseback riding. Today we slept in and had room service for breakfast. I ate oatmeal, strawberries, yogurt and one small pastry. (I couldn’t resist).

We headed for the main pool on the 4th floor and swam for an hour. Hubby is playing in a poker tournament. The boys tired of the pool (OMG!) so we are now in our luxurious suite, watching a movie, 17 Again.

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