Family Bucket List Series. Vol. 1. Issue 8

Day 6
After a decent night’s sleep, we ate breakfast at the same Clarke’s restaurant as last night (I ate a veggie egg-white omelet and coffee).
We drove back to Bryce, stopped at the visitor’s Center to double check our plan for a hike – Queens/Navaho Loop. The ranger advised we start at Sunset Point, walk the rim trail to Sunrise Point and head down into the amphitheater and then back up again. It was perfect weather – 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny-the bluest blue sky! The Hoodoo news was right when it listed this as the best 3-mile hike in the world! The boys did great. There were some steep ups and downs, weaving in and out of the Hoodoo rock formations. I had remembered Bryce as my favorite stop on the teen tour I took when I was in High School, and it still is my favorite so far on this trip.
We listened to a geology talk by a Park Ranger when we concluded our hike. My children impressed me by raising their hands and answering why Bryce is not a Canyon. (Answer: It is not carved by water. There is no river at its base.) My boys knew about the conditions that formed the Hoodoos (weathering/freezing and thawing of water in cracks and crevasses). The area goes below and above freezing 200+ days per year. Well done!
The ranger also told us that nobody knows who gave the name Hoodoos but hat the word came from West Africa (like voodoo). This surprised me. I expected it was a Native American name.
We at lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge, shopped for souvenirs, t-shirts for hubby, oldest, and Thing 1. Thing 2 picked out a sweatshirt since we couldn’t find a snow globe, and I found a Bryce photo book. I searched for a book with legends of the Hoodoos, but none existed.
Since the snow globe was missing from the Visitor’s Center, we found one at nearby Ruby’s. So, Thing 2’s collection is going strong!
We expected to spend an hour or two at Zion National Park because we arrived at 3 pm to our next lodging. However, the Zion Mountain Resort cabin we rented is so great, we decided to have some downtime and hang out here.
We have a one room cabin with two king beds a sofa overlooking a meadow with the plateaus and buttes on the horizon. There is a coral of horses across the street and a buffalo reserve. At one point in the afternoon, a herd of buffalo wandered right up to the fence!
The boys played outside. Hubby read his book. I got some writing done.
The restaurant as part of this Mountain Resort had great food. I had rib-eye buffalo steak, grilled veggies and a mixed berry pie with lemon crust for dessert. Hubby and oldest tried the buffalo, too. We all liked it. Thing 1 and Thing 2 decided to pass on it once they discovered that buffalo steak was not named after the city as are “Buffalo wings.”
The boys are playing some strange, hand-slapping martial arts game they learned at camp. We stopped them after faces got slapped instead of hands. They’re still having fun.
We’ll get to Zion National Park tomorrow.
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