Family Bucket List Series. Vol. 1. Issue 6

Day 5
We woke up and decided to take our time getting ready since I spotted lightning while I sat on the balcony during hubby’s shower.
We ate at the Marina buffet again, and then we headed over to the boat rentals. The problem: everyone and their brother had also waited out the weather and arrived all at once. We waited for an hour in the heat to have our tutorial and boat assignment. We were all pretty hot and grumpy by the time we set out.

But as he attached the inner tube and rope, the fellow who set us up on the boat told us of a really awesome natural swimming pool formed by the rocks across the bay.

We all perked up and set out for the first stop on our adventure. We slowed the boat as we approached the natural pool. I jumped out, thinking I could stand by the edge and hold the boat, like our guide suggested. Impossible! I climbed back aboard with hubby’s help and we decided to move on.
On problem: the end of the rope from the tube had wrapped so tightly around te engine propeller, it stalled. I tried to untie the know but it needed cutting, and I had no knife.
We were stuck! We radioed for help and waited as we drifted into the rocks, trying to paddle away with the one, flimsy paddle provided. Oldest sat on the bow with the paddle poised and ready to push us away fro the rocks if we drifted too close.
Help arrived and he towed us to the shore. I let the kids swim while the guy cut the tow rope for the tube from the engine and provided us a new one.
We finally got on the road – or – I mean, the LAKE. We explored a little and found a great bay to tube.
Hubby was a great driver and everyone had a blast, tubing on the lake. We took turns in pairs and singles. I felt like I was flying! A couple of times, Oldest and Thing 2 fell off because as the boat decelerated, the tube submerged in the water. But all was well. After our rough start, all decided it was worth it!
We left the marina and drove from there to Bryce. The driving through this area sure beats the New Jersey Turnpike. Ever turn offers spectacular buttes, cliffs, riverbeds, and mountainsides.
We pulled over a few times to take pictures. Even the view from the gas station took my breath away (for once the view and not the fumes…)
We arrived at Bryce just before sunset and stopped at the Visitor’s Center for quick info about where we should go to watch sunset. We drove out to Paria Point.
Thing 2 said, “This is cooler than the Grand Canyon,” as we all caught our first glimpse of the Hoodoos.
We looked at them and walked along the paved rim trail a bit. As we drove from Bryce at sunset, a baby deer ran out in front of our car. Hubby’s quick reactions at the wheel saved the deer and us from harm. Yikes! This was a day filled with excitement. Oy!
We’re staying about twelve miles out in Tropic, Utah America’s Best. The country store and Restaurant served us a nicer than expected dinner. I had a delicious Red Trout dinner.
We don’t have connecting rooms, here. So, I’m sleeping with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Hubby is with Oldest.
Good night! More tomorrow.Oh wait! One more thing. I can’t figure out how we drove west and it got later! Weird. I must investigate the time zone boundaries.
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