Family Bucket List Series. Vol. 1. Issue 5

Day 4

I woke up early – 5:45 am, got the kids up, and wandered to the restaurant in the Marina for breakfast. Today’s plan was to take a tour boat cruise around the lake out to the Rainbow Bridge and back. When we get back, we planned to rent a motor boat and explore on our own. While we ate breakfast, we ordered some box lunches for our excursion.

We rode a tour boat for five hours through Lake Powell. We were disappointed to be stuck inside the boat instead of up on the rooftop in the open-air seating. However, this turned out to be a good thing due to the heat. Views were spectacular even from the windows.

I began to wonder what the water swallowed up when the Glen Dam was built.

We saw rock formations resembling reclining camels, and the areas used to film Planet of the Apes.

However our destination, the Rainbow Bridge (the largest Natural Bridge in North America) was a beautiful site. The water levels have dropped 40% in the past 20 years, so we had to hike to a site once approached by water.

Thing 1 mostly stayed below deck on our ride back because he overheated a bit. But we all had a chance to ride in the open air surrounded by the buttes and islands of the lake.

Five hours outside without taking a swim made us all very hot and tired. So, we retired to our room to cool off for an hour and then, after discovering no boats were available for the afternoon, reserved one for tomorrow and opted to swim in the pool and on the small sandy beach below the resort.

I’m looking forward to tubing with the boys tomorrow and exploring some private spots on the lake.
Today provided a great lesson in go with the flow as our plan to boat tomorrow will probably cut out Antelope Canyon before we head to Bryce in the afternoon.

We’ll see…
Souvenier list:
Hubby – Lake Powell hat
Thing 1 and Oldest: t shirts
Thing 2: snow globe
Me: Photo book of Lake Powell and book about Glen Canyon-pre Dam
Note: Thing 2 has decided to start a snow globe collection. I think that is really cool!

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