Family Bucket List Series.Vol. 1. Issue 2

Night 1:

Our flight was delayed about 1 ½ hours but we made it to Phoenix and saw my aunt, said good-bye to Noah and rented our car. Hubby upgraded to an Esplanade and we juggled our luggage, trying to figure out the best way to fit it in and still have room to sit.
After a half-hour drive from the airport, we pulled up to the Fairmont Scottsdale –beautiful resort. Our suite is huge!

We swam in the pool from 5-7 pm (got a snack at 5 o’clock of tortilla chips, salsa, fruit smoothies, since we hadn’t eaten lunch. We ate dinner at the resort at LV Bistro. Organic fare, dinner was delicious! Fresh salad with heirloom tomatoes and radishes, beets, cucumbers. Salmon with haricot vert and mussels. Oldest son had hanger steak. Thing 1 and Thing 2 both ate chicken tenders. Hubby enjoyed his scallops and shrimp.
We returned to the pool for an hour after dinner. Now we’re trying to stay up a little longer to adjust to the time change. Phoenix/Scottsdale was 116 Farenheit when we arrived today. But as they say, dry heat is easier to take.

Hubby and I have decided to lay off the wine and cocktails this week to stay as hydrated as possible while hiking in the desert and at higher elevations.

As for being with my boys tonight after they were away at camp for three weeks—I loved it! Hearig all of their fantastic tales of color wars, dippies, the new campers from Spain and France, the Apache relay race, freeze games at mealtime, loomster cocntests, and more. I’m thrilled they have these fond camp memories.
I’m lucky my children like one another. So far this first bucket list trip is a hit and we haven’t even started yet!

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