Fear Can Be So Inspiring!

by Cynthia Eden

Hi, everyone! (And a big thanks to Lisa for inviting me over to her place!) Today, I want to talk about fear. Or rather, the way fear has inspired my writing.

When I was younger, I became addicted to horror movies. I loved the thrill that came for the spike of adrenaline that filled me. I loved watching the characters and their emotions.  I loved figuring out the puzzle and discovering just who (and sometimes what) the bad guy (or beastie) was.

As the years passed, I kept my love of horror, but that love slowly transformed into something new.  I developed a fascination for vampires and demons, and I decided that they didn’t always have to be bad—sometimes, they could become the good guys.  So I started writing paranormal romances for Kensington Brava, and those stories featured my monster heroes and heroines.

But, my love of fear kept nagging at me, and I realized that it was time for me to face my fears. Or rather…to let those fears out.  So I put my monsters on hold, and I directed my attention to serial killers. For me, I’m often more afraid of the “real-life” killers (the ones who could live right next door), than I am of the zombies who may rise from their graves.

I turned my fear into a book, DEADLY FEAR.  DEADLY FEAR is the first book in my new romantic suspense series from Grand Central Publishing.  In this book, I let my fears go. Everything that has ever frightened me (being buried alive, snakes, psycho killers who wield knives)…well, all those things found their way into my book.  And you know what? After I wrote my tale, I wasn’t as afraid anymore.

Well, I wasn’t afraid…until I saw the next horror film on my list.

Now tell me, have you ever faced a big fear that you have? And what happened when you did?

Thanks for checking out my post!

Cynthia Eden
I’LL BE SLAYING YOU–Available 06/29/10 from Kensington Brava
DEADLY FEAR–Available 08/1/10 from Grand Central Publishing (Forever)

**One commenter to Cynthia’s post will randomly selected to receive an autographed book from her backlist.


Cynthia Eden writes sexy tales of paranormal romance for Kensington Brava, and she pens dark romantic suspense novels for Grand Central Publishing. She lives in the Deep South, loves scary movies, and is addicted to happy endings. More information about Cynthia may be found at:


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28 Responses to Fear Can Be So Inspiring!

  1. Congratulations to Andrea! Hooray! Enjoy the read! — or as I often say when giving wishes to readers of my novel DOUBLE OUT AND BACK, “Enjoy the RIDE!”

  2. Thanks! This really made my weekend!

  3. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thanks so much for all the comments everyone! I appreciate you all checking out my post.

    I picked a random winner, and the winner is…Andrea! Congrats, Andrea! When you have a chance, please email me at cynthia@cynthiaeden.com to claim your prize.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Cathy! Wow–you are a brave woman! I’m be way too afraid to try a parachute jump!

    Hey, Anna! LOL, I have a trusty cushion that I use, too. Actually, I’m very good at hiding behind pillows or jackets.

    Thank you, Diane! 🙂

    Thanks, Christie! And I feel you pain on the snake neighbors. I found a snake skin a few days ago–now I walk fearfully around the neighborhood, sure that a snake is ready to attack!!

  5. Christie says:

    Hi Cynthia! I’m so excited about the release of I’ll Be Slaying You and now I’m adding Deadly Fear to my must read list.

    My two biggest fears are flying and snakes. We’re military and move around every few years so flying is a must. I hate every minute but I do it and try to not let my panic show so my kids won’t freak. As for snakes I can handle it if they’re caged but if I see one in the yard I end up too scared to move. Not a good thing now that we live in Louisiana and our house backs a wooded area with quite a few snake neighbors LOL

  6. Diane Sadler says:

    I enjoy all your books Cynthia and am looking forward to your next one.

  7. I’m afraid of scary movies i.e. Resident Evil but I managed to get through all of them with the help of my trusty cushion. I hid behind it for most of the movie while catching glimpses of the movie from the corner of the pillow but I made it…I’m now looking forward to the upcoming release. I’m quite proud of getting through them since I’m like the biggest wuss ever.

  8. Cathy M says:

    Hi Cynthia, I’ve been afraid of heights since I was a teenager, and was determined to, if not overcome it, at least face it. So on my 30th birthday, my best friend and I did a tandem parachute jump. I figured that being strapped to someone’s back would at least get me out of the plane, lol. It was scary, thrilling, and okay, maybe even a wee bit fun. I am still not comfortable with heights, but I would say that the overwhelming fear has definitely abated.

  9. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Wynter! LOL, yes, writing can be such good therapy! Thank you!!!

    Chelsea, I knew someone who was bitten by a brown recluse spider once–VERY scary!

    Thank you, Lisa!! 🙂

  10. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Viki!! I love the ocean, but I don’t like to venture out too far in those waters–not with all those beasties swimming out there!

    (Elizabeth, I responded to your post earlier–thanks again for bringing up emotional and physical fear!)

    Hey, Edie! Woman, I’d be afraid of a ball coming at me, too! And I bet you are a fantastic public speaker.

    Thanks for the comments!

  11. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hey, Kandace! Oh, I hope you have a great time bungee jumping! Very brave!!

    Waving right back at ya, Willa! 🙂 Hmmm…I think I want a bell when I pass, just in case!!

    Hi, Virginia! I had those night light times, too! Heck, sometimes I still feel the urge to keep a light on if I’m alone. And I am such an X-Files fan, too! I love Mulder and Scully!

  12. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Andrea! 🙂 I love your ladybug fear!!

    Thank you, PamK! Oh, I’m afraid of heights, too! But unlike you, I’m not brave enough to get on the roller coasters.

    Hi, Marnie! I share 2 of your big fears–I’m not afraid of drowning (I probably should be since I live so close to the beach!), but I can definitely understand that fear! And I”m so glad you enjoyed the ARC–thank you!

  13. Donna S says:

    Great post. I am really looking forward to your new series. I have had to face my fears before and while it was tough I discovered I can get though it. But it doesnt take the fear away. At least for me.

  14. admin says:

    Cynthia! I’m so glad you visited Fodder for Fiction. I think readers are lucky you chose to sort out your fears through creative writing.

    -Lisa L. Leibow

  15. Chelsea B. says:

    I have a HUGE fear of SPIDERS!! HATE those things! But I’ve been bitten by one, and its not one of the best things in the world to be bitten by LOL

  16. What a great new form of therapy you’ve discovered;-) I will have to write about something that frightens me and I’ll let you know if it helps my fear, too. I love your books. Can’t wait for the new ones!

  17. Cynthia Eden says:

    Oh, you are so right, Elizabeth! Emotional and physical fear are very different–and in stories, those fears can have different influences on characters.

    And I had to smile at your reference to the Friday the 13th theme–that often plays in my mind!

  18. Edie Ramer says:

    I was just talking to my cousin about an odd fear of mine. When I was very young, probably about 5, my older brother purposely threw a baseball at me, and hit me in the forehead. Ever since, I’ve been afraid of balls coming at me. Which made me a lousy baseball player. lol Otherwise, I don’t think it’s affected my life.

    I have emotional fears, too, but I think I face them down pretty much. I had a fear of public speaking and took a speaking class. I still fear public speaking, but will do it.

  19. Emotional fear and physical fear are different animals. I have way too many emotional fears (most of which I’m too chicken to face), and so I’ll go with the easier category. I’m scared to death of bushes in the dark. I know it sounds silly, but my brother used to scare the be-Jesus out of me when we were little. He would hide behind the holly that grew next to the house and jump out either weilding an ax or screaming. My reaction was always his favorite form of entertainment, and so to this day I avoid all things green at night. Last year, I purposefully parked near a row of large burning bushes trying and rid myself of this ridiculous anxiety. A friend met me at the movies, and when we left it was dark and I had to walk across the lot alone. Hey, I still had the panic button on the keychain, I’d be fine … except the battery in the fob picked that moment to go to into the light. Now I haven’t used a key in years, and I almost had a heartattack trying to figure out if the jagged edge went up or down. I couldn’t think past the Friday the 13th theme ringing in my ears, and I had to fight the urge to bolt for the lobby and called my daughter (the only thing that kept me from it was that I knew she would’ve never let me live it down). I finally fumbled my way to the front seat, immediately locking the doors behind me (like if a mass murder was lurking that would help). I don’t know if I officially conquered anything, but a few weeks later my brother came home for the holidays and my children and I were waiting for him behind the bushes, and so I guess it helped a little.:-)

  20. Viki says:

    I have a fear of the ocean. I love to look at it but feel I must have died a horrible death in the sea during a past life. Because of my kids, I still go in the water but never very far. So unlike you I have been unable to overcome my fear :(.

  21. Virginia C says:

    Hi, Cynthia! I started out like you did, watching horror movies as a kid. As a matter of fact, I watched them even though they scared the stuffin’ out of me! I had (still do) a very vivid imagination, and my poor mom had to sleep with me a lot when I was scared. Eventually, we got it down to just sleeping with a night light. Finally, I was able to turn off the night light and sleep in THE DARK, which is still very, very DARK : ) I don’t watch many horror movies these days, but wonderful writers like you have rekindled my interest in paranormal romance! My mom had an lifelong interest in crime solving. I was able to convince her to watch “The X-Files” with me because it involved two FBI agents. We both thought Gillian Anderson was terrific as “Scully”. When Mom was in high school (graduated 1951), the FBI actually went from school to school looking for new recruits. Mom desparately wanted to join, but my very protective grandfather nixed that idea! Let me tell you this, those bad guys wouldn’t have stood a chance with Mom on the case!

  22. Willa says:

    Ooh – great post Cynthia *waving* Can’t wait for Deadly Fear. Buried alive seems scary – I like the way the Victorians had bells above ground tied with string to the dead’s fingers so they could ring just in case they were alive. *must add buying a bell to my-to-do-list!*

    Have a great day!

  23. Kandace says:

    I don’t really have the fears of snakes or scary men. But I do have a fear of lack of control. It’s not overpowering,but I find myself stopping and not doing things too often. So I try to confront it as often as I can. The big scary confrontation? Falling is something we can’t control. When you are falling it’s out of your control. So in August I am going bungee jumping. And I know I’m going to cry and want to throw up… But I know when I do it I will love it. That step is a big one and I know it’ll change my life. I can’t wait!

  24. I have to say that I have a 3 big fears. Flying, snakes and drowning. I fight my fear of flying but still getting on planes and rationalizing to myself the crew doesn’t expect to die today. Drowning that is just irrational because I knew how to swim before walking – so I learned to scuba dive. Snakes – nothing seems to help with that one.

    As for your new book Deadly Fear… I was a lucky winner of an ARC. Its a great book that draws you and doesn’t let you go until the last page. I found myself so drawn into the suspense there were a couple of times when I swore I heard noises in my apartment. I can’t wait for the next in this series.

  25. Pamk says:

    btw don’t include me in the contest I have all of your backlist lol.

  26. Pamk says:

    Love your books and am looking forward to reading the newest one. The killer next door is the one that scares me too. And heights man I hate heights but I go on roller coasters and have been to the grand canyon and went and looked off the canyon. I try not to let the fear limit me or inhibit me in any way.

  27. Okay I know I will get some laugh out of this but I am terrified of ladybugs. I don;t know where it started but to me ladybugs are my spiders. One I can handle two maybe but if there are more then that I freeke out. Go running from the room. Bad thing is often times I recruit my children, ages 3 and 6, to either catch them and turn them free or kill them lol.

    Hey I am not afraid of spiders or mice I have to be afraid of something right lol!

  28. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thanks for inviting me over, Lisa!

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