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Today is Nora Ephron’s Birthday. Over the years, Nora Ephron has made me laugh (When Harry Met Sally), cry (Silkwood)– okay, mostly laugh (Sleepless In Seattle). She just has that way of making me see humor in my own insecurities and predicaments! I thought what better way than to share a brief excerpt from her book I Feel Bad About My Neck, Considering the Alternative (which if you haven’t read – stop reading this blog entry right now, buy the book and read it. You’ll love this collection of essays!) Enjoy!

“When I turned sixty, I had a big birthday party in Las Vegas, which happens to be one of my top five places. We spent the weekend eating and drinking and gambling and having fun. One of my friends threw twelve passes at the craps table and we all made some money and screamed and yelled and I went to bed deliriously happy. The spell lasted for several days, and as a result, I managed to avoid thinking about what it all meant. Denial has been a way life for me for many years. I actually believe in denial. It seemed to me that the only way to deal with a birthday of this sort was to do everything possible to push it from my mind.”

I Feel Bad About My Neck, Considering the Alternative, by Nora Ephron

I hope Nora’s days are filled with denial-ridden happiness for many years to come!

Best to you,

Lisa Lipkind Leibow

Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

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