FATHER’S DAY: Hoping It’s the Thought That Counts.

Hoping it’s the thought that counts…

Happy Father’s Day to my loving husband.
I had high hopes for showing my husband how much I appreciate what a great father he is to our children. Unfortunately, everything I planned this year played out as if a fiction writer was throwing in every obstacle she could think of to stop me from achieving my goal.
Several weeks ago, I entered a shop to order a special gift that my husband could enjoy with family and friends—a fire pit-table and Adirondack chairs to go on our patio. I could picture it. The furniture would be delivered and waiting for him when he got home from work on Friday and we could spend Father’s Day cooking out and making s’mores over the fire. Guess what? The warehouse messed up and the furniture won’t be delivered until next week! So, no wonderful gift for hubby! Ugh!
Next, I had theater tickets for a matinee on Sunday. Thinking that would be a nice way to spend the afternoon. However, with all of the rain we’ve had lately, my oldest son’s baseball team scheduled a makeup game. After discussing the best way to handle it, we decided hubby would take my oldest to his game and I would take the twins to the theater. Fine, right? Not the end of the world. Well, I drove into D.C., stupidly forgetting to listen to traffic reports. I had no idea that police had blocked the cross-streets to Pennsylvania Avenue from Constitution Avenue for a race being held today. Ugh!

I detoured all of the way around (from 7th Street around to Independence, all the way back to 21st Street). We made it to the theater five minutes after curtain. We discovered that we could not be seated until intermission, and opted to leave, instead. What a wasted day! Ugh!

Thanks for listening to my rant, today. I only hope my husband knows how much I love him. I tried. I really tried.
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