My Eureka Moment

by Betty Ann Harris

Writing Eureka Point, the first book in the series…

My first book in the Special Agent Series, Eureka Point, is a romantic suspense, in which the main character, a beautiful and successful Park Avenue interior designer, must assume a new identity and relocate to a somewhat desolate area far away. Eureka Point is an old Victorian seaport town on the rocky shores of the coast of Northern California. The setting is the opposite of New York, where the main character is from, and represents a new start for her. But the severe rocky coastline, with its cliffs and rough seas relates to the danger that still surrounds her. The setting adds a sense of mystery, suspense, and danger to my story.

The setting is so essential to my story that I don’t think I could write the same story with a different setting. One thing I do as a writer is spend a good deal of time describing the scene and scenery in order to draw the reader into the story.

A rather strange thing happened to me while I was writing this story. I decided on Northern California and just picked a name out of the air. I picked Eureka as the name of the town, but I also wanted to use a lighthouse on a point, so I decided on Eureka Point. When I was researching Northern California on a map, low and behold, there was a town on the coast named Eureka. Friends tell me they think I lived there in former life, or they think I’m psychic. Even though I’ve never been there, I feel such a strong connection to the area.

Several months ago I was at a store where my book, Eureka Point is being sold. The proprietor had just finished reading the book and she asked me when I had been to Northern California. I replied that I had never been there. She asked me how I knew about The Cliffside Inn, a restaurant I used in book. I explained that I had made up the name. And she replied, “Well, I was just there in the summer and had dinner there. We were on vacation and took a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped there. It was exactly as you described it in the book.” I got goosebumps!

A group of friends and I are planning a trip to Eureka, California in the future. I’ve got to see this place for myself.

Coming April 29, 2010–Agent of Mercy
Book Four in the Special Agent Series
By romantic suspense author Betty Ann Harris
Red Rose Publishing

All About Agent Of Mercy, the Special Agent Series

& Romantic Suspense Author Betty Ann Harris

Agent Of Mercy – New York City FBI Special Agent Sam Blake is working under cover on the Catherine Jones case. Catherine is a mentally disturbed woman who has a deep psychotic hate of men. She finds wealthy, single men and seduces them. Once in her clutches, she steals from them and takes off, leaving them heartbroken and broke, and sometimes dead.

Sam poses as a cunning criminal himself, gains Catherine’s friendship and tries to bring her into custody, only to find himself feeling sorry for her and falling for her feminine charm.

They are both deceiving each other and become engaged in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. Catherine deceives Sam and takes all the money and flies to St. Croix, the Virgin Islands. But he’s a good investigator and agent and he’s right on her tail.
Meanwhile, Sam’s assistant, Melissa, who had an affair with Sam previously and who is still very much in love with him, is trying to help him not fall prey to Catherine’s charms, and keep him alive.

In the end, Melissa’s love for Sam and her good investigative work pays off. Catherine poisons Sam and takes off with the stolen money, leaving him for dead. But Sam survives and he and Melissa re-ignite their love affair. Catherine is free and living the good life with millions of dollars, but she’s alone and lonely, and thinks she murdered the one man who truly cared for her.

Do you want to catch up on this sexy and intriguing series? Go ahead, get swept away…

The Special Agent Series books are available at Red Rose Publishing at this link:

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Eureka Point:

My Very Special Agent:

The Darkhorse Conspiracy:

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Author Betty Ann Harris, Bio.:

Betty Ann started her writing career as a poet. She has two published poems:

The English Rose, which she wrote after the tragic death of Princess Diana, and

The Moon Is A Silver Slipper, a quirky little poem about the magic of the moon.

Her first published novella, Eureka Point, a romantic suspense thriller, was released

on December 27, 2007, and is the first book in the Special Agent Series,

which she writes for Red Rose Publishing.

Besides being a writer, Betty Ann has an interest in interior design and

American history. She enjoys gardening and going to or serving afternoon tea.

She’s married and has two grown boys and two adorable dogs.

Please visit Betty Ann’s website:

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  1. Hi BA,

    Great interview. Love this series.


  2. Wow, that is eerie. I often make up names of towns and then check to see if such a town exists in the state I’m writing about. I’d hate to have a murder or some other heinous act and offend the people of that town. In fact, I just changed the name of a real town, because I portrayed the residents as kind of hickish. I loved the town and its people and they were nothing like I had protrayed them.

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