This week on Fodder for Fiction, we’re celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite authors, and one I consider a mentor! Happy Birthday Julia Glass!

I know Julia Glass would appreciate my focusing on an excerpt about birthday cake in honor of her special day. Happy Birthday Julia!

“The angel food cake that Ray had requested was to be a birthday cake. The birthday was Claudia’s, Ray told Greenie that afternoon, clearly pretending that this had just occurred to him. “How ‘bout with some kind of berry sauce?”

“That’s her favorite cake?” said Greenie.

“I have n o idea what the woman’s favorite cake is. Everybody likes angel food, right?”

“Maybe,” said Greenie suggestively.

Ray gave her a testy look. “I got cows to sell here.”

“How many candles?’ goaded Greenie.

Ray considered this. “don’t know as we have birthday candles on hand,” he said. “But you get McNally to fork over some sparklers from his personal munitions. And how about pink frosting? The feminine touch.” He walked out the door before she could tell him that Claudia did not look like a woman who needed or even wanted the feminine touch.

Excerpt, The Whole World Over by Julia Glass

I think she has a new book coming out in September! Stay on the look out for it. I can’t wait!

Best to you,

Lisa Lipkind Leibow

Author of Smart Women’s Fiction


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