When I lived at home with my mother, each Mother’s Day, I made my Mom breakfast in bed. I remember the first year I was away from my mother on Mother’s Day. I tried to figure out what kind of “breakfast” I could send her that she could enjoy in bed. But sending some muffins and coffee beans in the mail didn’t have the same warm feeling as waking her up with a tray full of scrambled eggs, toast, juice and coffee and then snuggling with her in the bed. I guess we outgrow certain traditions along the way. This year, I sent my parents a Kindle E-book reader as a combination Mother’s/Father’s Day gift. I hope they like it!

The family I grew up in is so different from the one I have created. Growing up, I was one of four girls, and now I am the mother of three boys—a completely different energy! When the boys were little, sometimes I used Mother’s Day as an excuse for some time to regroup—a spa day. I have to tell you, Spa Days don’t suck. But life has changed over the past few years. With the kids in school all day, and a frenetic pace of extracurricular activities, mixed into my own work of writing and now promoting my upcoming novel, Mother’s Day is better spent finding some quality time WITH my boys.

Today, my Mother’s Day started with a walk with my husband and dog. We walked through the neighborhood and checked out the beaver lodges we are still shocked to discover right here in Tyson’s Corner (urban wildlife—amazing!). Next, my boys are taking me out for Dim Sum—my favorite. I can’t wait to sample the steamed pork buns, shrimp dumplings, and sesame balls. YUM. After lunch, we’ll go see the new Star Trek Movie! The twins wanted to see X-Men, but they are giving in and letting me have the pick since it’s my day. That’s how my Mother’s Day is shaping up. It’s a far cry from breakfast in bed. But I love it!

Leave a comment to let me know how you spent your Mother’s Day.
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  1. Kim Smith says:

    My kids (including the one who isn’t really mine by blood or marriage, but love makes her mine) all took me to my favorite little bistro for brunch and book shopping. It was fabulous! Happy Mothers day, Lisa!

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