Author Birthday Bash for Toni Morrison!

This week at Fodder for Fiction I’m celebrating Toni Morrison’s birthday! Happy Birthday! To honor her, I’m sharing an excerpt from her work that made me think of how a birthday means something different to a mother than it does for a child. Enjoy!

“The good news, however, was that Halle got married and had a baby coming. She fixed on that and her own brand of preaching, having made up her mind about what to do with the heart that started beating the minute she crossed the Ohio River. And it worked out, worked out just fine, until she got proud and let herself be overwhelmed by the sight of her daughter-in-law and Halle’s children—one of whom was born on the way—and have a celebration of blackberries that put Christmas to shame. Now she stood in the garden smelling disapproval, feeling a dark and coming thing, and seeing high-topped shoes that she didn’t like the look of at all. At all.” Beloved by Toni Morrison

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Lisa Lipkind Leibow
Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

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