The Invisible Menace

by Jane Toombs

My brother, twenty years older than I, had a cottage on Lake Superior with dense woods between the lake and the highway  As a teenager,  I often visited in the summer.  One day I was alone there, walking along the damp sand near the water, looking for agates all the way up to the river that flowed into the lake.  As I turned to go back, the hair rose on my nape.  Something or someone was watching me! Nothing moved, yet I knew it was there.  Any animal could be in that woods, including a bear. What if it was    a person, instead of an animal?  Even scarier, what if it the watcher was neither?  I raced along the sand back to the cottage and locked myself in.  But I never forgot that weird feeling.  I’m not saying the experience is the reason paranormal is my favorite genre to read and write, but–who knows?

Jane Toombs, award-winning author of eighty plus published books and over twenty novellas, lives on the south shore of Lake Superior with the Viking from her past and their grandcat, Kinko.

Jane’s website is:

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