Valentine’s Day Flew With the Greatest of Ease!

I had a different post planned for today, but I had to share this! Last summer, when attending an event in downtown DC at the vacant lot where the old Convention Center used to be, I saw people swinging from a trapeze. Fascinated, I watched as one woman climbed up the ladder, grabbed hold of the bar, and started swinging. We were in a hurry to get to a tennis match, so I couldn’t linger as long as I wished. However, I vowed to find out more about what this trapeze was doing in the middle of the city.

Once we got home, I did a little research. Laughing, I said to my husband, “Can you believe that’s a trapeze school? Who ever heard of such a thing? It looks like a blast!”

Well, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Hubby is a hoot! Tucked inside of my Valentine’s Day card was a listing of the class offerings and a promise to send me to the Trapeze Class of my choice. This is the next best thing to Clown College! Some might say it’s a step up from my law school days! I haven’t decided when I’m going to begin my lessons, but I’m certain there’s got to be some fodder for fiction hiding in this impending experience!

Wish me luck on this upcoming CRAZY trapeze adventure!

Best to you,
Lisa Lipkind Leibow
Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

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