Mr. Peanut–A Fallen Hero

The headlines are all over the news about the salmonella outbreaks linked to peanuts from my home state, Virginia. I have visions of that beloved Mr. Peanut trading in his tuxedo and formal attire for an orange jumpsuit with his inmate number printed on the front.

This morning, the Washington Post reports that the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) has filed for bankruptcy protection. The photo of Stewart Parnell, PCA’s CEO, is plastered right there on the front page for all to see. Only to my surprise, Mr. Peanut does not wear a top hat and a monocle. The photo of the CEO oflooks nothing like I expected. He looks, well . . . how do I put this? He looks more human than peanut. Not only is Mr. Peanut producing a product that is tainted, he’s a fraud!

I have been trying to eat more heart-healthy foods lately, and eat fewer sweets. So why does this news impact me? For some reason, now that I know these peanut buttery treats are off limits, I want them even more! I have peanuts on the brain! I am going through serious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup withdrawal.

Today’s weather is sunny and clear, and already a few crocus bulbs are popping through the soil. That means that spring is on its way, and summer won’t be far behind. With summer, the jingle of the Good Humor truck fills the air on my street each evening. (Yes, that still happens where I live!) I am fearful that this year, my favorite treat from the Good Humor Man will go from being a “Nutty Buddy” to just a plain Buddy, I don’t know what I’ll do!

Why? Mr. Peanut, why?

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2 Responses to Mr. Peanut–A Fallen Hero

  1. Kristin, Poet Warrior Friend says:

    For the peanut butter cravers, I highly recommend the children’s book PERILS OF THE PEANUT BUTTER KID,

  2. Katie Hines says:

    I actually think it is only commercial products that the peanut recall affects. Things like the beloved peanut butter cups should be fine.

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