I have been having so much fun on Facebook. One of my friends challenged me. I was supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me. Here is the result. I thought I’d share it with my blog friends, too.

This was stream of consciousness, completely random order, here…

1. I am an eternal optimist. I’m happy more days than I am not.

2. I think it’s cool that I grew up in a house with only sisters and no brothers, and now I have only sons and no daughters. I can definitely relate to how outnumbered my Dad must feel.

3. I once bruised my husband’s ego (slightly) by answering the question on one of those forwarded emails: “If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?” as “Alone on the beach with a book.” I want it on the record, what I MEANT to say was, “Alone on the beach with Phil . . . and a book.” LOL

4. I am surprised by my three sons’ athletic abilities. They didn’t get the hand-eye coordination from me!

5. I am amazed by my identical twin sons every day. It’s like having genetic experiment in the house. Ha ha. Seriously, they are amazing boys and they each have a built-in best friend for life.

6. If I ever decide to go back to my law practice, I would do something with more meaning, something completely different from telecommunications or corporate law, like help people adopt babies. If all else failed, I guess in the current market, bankruptcy law might be a good option…

7. I enjoy the “method acting” that is involved in writing fiction. I love to pretend to be someone else and write from a new point of view.

8. I have the uncanny ability to relate anything in life to a Seinfeld episode.

9. Our family named our dog, “Bosco. “ It was George’s ATM pass-code.

10. I love my husband’s passion for life, his self-confidence, and a lot of other things about him–but most of those are private.

11. I had Lasik surgery on my eyes ten years ago. For me, it was easier than getting a haircut and I am no longer blind!

12. I have the body-image opposite to an anorexia patient. No matter what the scale says, I think I look fine. It’s probably just as delusional as anorexia, but I’m happy in my skin. That can’t be bad!

13. After seeing the movie “The Bucket List” my husband, sons, and I put together a family bucket list of places we’d like to travel together as a family. We have less than five years until Grant goes to college. Common wishes: Grand Canyon and National Parks Tour, Hawaii, Israel, The Great Wall of China, Galapagos Islands, African Photographic Safari. I hope we can really make it to all of those places together.

14. I have volunteered my time to many charities over the years: Walkathons and 5 K runs, soup kitchens, canned food drives, organized book donations, helped organize supplies for disaster victims, served as President of PTA, taught art appreciation classes in the public schools, tutored math, canvassed neighborhoods for political candidates, organized fundraising, and more. The most meaningful volunteer experience I have had so far was participating in Pets on Wheels with my son and our dog. We visited a local nursing home with the dog every week for a year.

15. I think snow is a nuisance unless it’s on a mountain where I can ski on it.

16. The neighborhood I live in is as close to my “ideal” as I could find. I love living in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. The area attracts intelligent people from all over the world. At our neighborhood public school, my children attend classes with children of diplomats from all over the world. It is so cool!

17. There are only two things missing that would make my neighborhood absolutely perfect: 1. I have no family close enough to come over for dinner or just stop by; and 2. I live too far from the ocean to go to the beach for the day. (There used to be a third thing: decent pizza, but Church Street Pizza is great!)

18. When I was a little girl, I used to think that if I concentrated hard enough I could do magic like Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie. I still have a bottle my sister gave me that looks like the one Barbara Eden had in the show. Alas, there is no sofa inside of it.

19. I wish I were more organized. My “pile management” gets me into trouble sometimes.

20. My least favorite chore in the world is sorting socks.

21. My favorite parts of Judaism are the traditions I celebrate in my home – and the food, of course the food.

22. I did not get the shopping gene from my mother. I hate going to the mall (but not as much as I hate sorting socks).

23. For the past eight years, my family has taken me out for Dim Sum on Mother’s Day. It’s my favorite!

24. When I was in college at GWU, I was walking by the Kennedy Center and ran into Tom Cruise who was on his way to get ready for a premiere of “Top Gun.” We had a great conversation! I asked, “Can I have your autograph?” He answered, “I’m sorry, I don’t have a pen.” Not much of a brush with stardom, but I picked one out of a hat. If I had 50 random items instead of 25, I might come up with a few more – like the time I gave Jan Hooks pointers about what to talk about when she was on Letterman, or the time I spent a week in Provincetown with author Julia Glass – not what you think! I was at a writing workshop!

25. The Nationals coming to Washington DC saved my marriage. Just kidding, it wasn’t that dire. But my “interfaith” marriage Red Sox/Yankee has been the toughest difference for my husband and me to work out. It is fun to have a team to follow together instead of always being rivals.

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