I have had my Kindle for a couple of weeks now. It’s great! I have read two novels and have a free trial subscription to the New York Times that is automatically delivered to the device each morning.

It is so cool! It’s easy on the eyes, feels like a real book in my hands, and has some really innovative features. Not only can I read the material downloaded onto it, I can click on any line of text and ask it to look up words. It will automatically provide a dictionary page for me. It also allows for marking pages and making notations to the text.

I don’t think I’ll give up print books, but this is such a great alternative when I’m travelling or just out and about. I can have any number of books, magazines, newspapers with me in this one paperback-sized, lightweight device. No more backpacks and tote bags full of heavy books.

I wish my college-aged nieces and nephews could get their textbooks as e-books. Can you imagine walking around campus and fitting everything on this one little device?

So far so good for my new Kindle.

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