Bits of Myself in Every Book

By Cooper McKenzie

I’m not sure about all writers, but I can honestly say that I use bits of myself in every book I create. Some bits are bigger than others.

In my latest e-book, Love Bite, Vamping with Jayne Book 2, which is being released today (February 18th) from Red Rose Publishing, I used a job incident from my past when Jayne is fired before she can quit her job as a waitress.

Many, many, many years ago I was working for an optometrist, but as the mother of an under 2-year-old child, I wished I could be home. I was also not happy with the working environment or the way my boss wanted me to fill two roles, medical secretary and his clinical assistant.

I talked with my then-husband about quitting, though I had no idea what I would do next. I finally decided I would go in Monday morning and talk to the doctor and quit. The Friday before, instead of getting my paycheck with the other employees at noon, mine was held back. At the end of the day, Dr. M called me into his office and fired me, stating that I wasn’t working out because I was never able to keep up with what he wanted to do.

Funny thing was whatever I was doing, in his eyes I should be doing something else. If I was working in the office, I should be assisting him. If I was assisting him, then I should have been answering the phone or checking a patient out. He was crazy, but I was able to clean and organize his entire office during my six weeks of employment. I heard later that he ended up hiring two people to replace me.


Cooper McKenzie always thought she had been born a hundred years too late, but appreciates air conditioning, computers and other conveniences of modern day living. She enjoys the slower pace of New Bern, North Carolina as well as the history and small town community found there. In addition to dreaming up her next story, Cooper enjoys reading everything except scary books, singing in her church choir and needle-weaving. My website is

Love Bite’s blurb:

When Donovan Richards wants to talk, Jayne Peters isn’t sure if she should fear for her life or just her heart. Though she tries to distract him, he demands she quit her job so he can take care of her. As an independent woman, Jayne feels she must work for her living, just like any man does.

Unexpectedly Jayne finds herself unemployed with no money and a stack of bills to pay. Can she give up her 21st century independence and let Donovan take care of her?

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