Resolutions Update: How Am I Doing?

Progress on Resolutions as of January 29, 2010:

1.      Revamp Author Website: I worked with Farr Design, my new web mistress to put together a new look for my website. I hope you like it! This blog is fully-integrated. I’m liking having everything in one place!

2.      Punch-up Blog Lisa Leibow’s Fodder for Fiction and plan programming for the year: You’ve already experienced some of the new programming. I’m almost ready to re-direct the old BlogSpot to WordPress fully-integrated with my website. My new address is:

3.      Finish my Fictional Slave Narrative by June and have it ready for a critique group.: I spent Tuesday, Jan. 5 getting reacquainted with my characters and making character cards to help me keep track of everyone better as I delve into writing the scenes I outlined in November. I also have been doing more period research, reading as much as I can about the Revolutionary War. I think I need to spend a huge chunk of time to jumpstart this project again. All of my focus on getting the website and blog going strong has zapped some of the creative time and energy these first few weeks of the year. I’m hoping though, that I can front-load some of my blog posts so I can have a couple of weeks to just focus on the novel… Here’s hoping!

4.      Finish the rewrite of my middle grade high-fantasy by incorporating feedback from my new critique group.: I received my first set of critiques of the first two chapters. Great feedback. It’s really got me thinking. My critique partners are now reading Chapters 3&4. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

5.      Write four short stories: I spent some time reviewing my story idea log, and I have chosen one of the ideas to focus on for my first short story draft of 2010. Now if only I could find time to write it…

6.      Donate blood at least 6 times

I’m planning to go the first week of February. I had to wait to be eligible again, and I gave just before Thanksgiving.

7.      Exercise at least three times per week

Jan. Week 1:

  1. Went hiking while I was in the mountains
  2. Elliptical 30 min., weight training 30 min.
  3. Recumbent exercise bike 30 min.

Jan. Week 2:

  1. Yoga class
  2. Spin class
  3. Weight training

Jan. Week 3: I was so bad this week—completely off track. However, I refuse to use this as an excuse to stay off-track.

Jan. Week 4:

  1. Yoga class
  2. Spin class
  3. Treadmill 30 min.


8.      Read at least 50 books (i.e. read all of the books I have purchased and are in my to-read pile). Here’s what I’ve finished so far. I’m on track.

1.      Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

2.      Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

3.      Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

4.      You are Not A Stranger Here by Adam Haslett

Not perfect, but I’m making progress. I’ll give another status update next month. This feels like an interesting exercise. I’m not really sure if my followers are interested in hearing about my goals and progress. However, it gives me the illusion of being accountable to someone other than myself! So, thank you for the healthy pressure. Any encouragement you can offer along the way is welcomed! I’ll give my next update on the fourth Friday of February.

Best to you,

Lisa Lipkind Leibow

Author of Smart Women’s Fiction

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3 Responses to Resolutions Update: How Am I Doing?

  1. admin says:

    Thank you, Joy and Susanne!
    Your encouraging words mean a lot to me. I wasn’t kidding when I said it helps my motivation to know that someone else is watching my progress.

    Thanks, too for the compliments on my blog’s new look.

    Good luck to you, too!

  2. Susanne Drazic says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I think you have some great goals set for yourself. Looking forward to seeing your next post about your progress.
    I also really like the look of your blog.

  3. Joy says:


    Sounds like you’re on your way. The slave narrative project sounds fascinating. Good luck in getting all this stuff done.

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