Tell me what is your favorite holiday and why? Share something special you do. Remember to challenge me! Anything you share with me, I have to incorporate into a short story I will write and post on the blog.

I just got to celebrate my own favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

In the United States, it was Thanksgiving Holiday this week. For me, that means family, food, and more food. Oh… and did I mention, food? Actually, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is the only one all year that I get to spend with my sisters, nieces, nephews, and parents. I live too far from my parents and three sisters to just visit for dinner. Any trip to see them is at least a weekend event. Our homes are spread out along the east coast of the U.S. from Maine to Virginia.

My sisters and I take turns hosting Thanksgiving. This year, we went to Amy’s on Cape Cod. One of the family traditions I cherish is the annual photo of all of my parents’ grandchildren on the steps. The kids sit two-by-two on the staircase and my Dad, the proud Grandpa stands at the bottom of the steps and snaps away.

Now it’s your turn. I told you mine…you tell me yours…

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  1. Smittenly Written says:

    My favorite is one that my family started a few years ago (with full credit for the idea going to my sister)…Christmas Eve Eve. We gathered casually for a fun meal of appetizers, good drink, and lots of music. Conversations usually center around the past year and other past holidays…the good lore you never get tired of hearing. The ending of course included a silly gift for each person picked out special given their likes/dislikes/nickname/quirks.

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