Must See: Thursday, March 3rd, 8 p.m. Twitter Performance of Lisa Leibow’s “45 for 45”

I spent the month of February 2017 as a merit-based grant recipient and resident of The Vermont Studio Center. What an amazing opportunity. Spending a month in a community of artists and writers is a magical experience. I highly recommend it. Most of the month, I have been working on a new novel manuscript. However, our community of artists, thrown together for a short period during this extraordinary time in our nation, produced a grassroots Zine collecting visceral work resisting the agenda of orange man in the oval office. My contribution to that Zine is a poem titled, “45 for 45.”

Please join me for a Special Performance. I have written a poem in 140 character or less lines, to be posted on Twitter, published in a Vermont Studio Center Resident Zine, and published on my blog.

So this week, I’ll begin publishing my poem “45 for 45,” in segments on Twitter. Starting Thursday night, March 2, 2017, my Twitter handle, @LLLeibow, will post a new tweet of text from my 45 line poem every minute between 8 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. Readers will also find the poem posted on my blog at 9 p.m.

Join me on Twitter and/or my blog! Your audience, hearts, and re-tweets are appreciated!

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