LISA’S MONTHLY RANT: This Girl Passes On TV’s That Need Glasses

Recent media reports promise three-dimensional images will jump out of movie theaters and into living rooms sometime this year. (e.g. CNN) According the linked report, Sony and Panasonic say they will release home 3-D television systems in 2010; Mitsubishi and JVC are reported to be working on similar products. Is this really as a simple as the switch from black-and-white to color television and the shift from standard- to high-definition images?

I’m less than enthusiastic about this new technology. Don’t get me wrong. It would be cool to watch the tube and have football players appear to jump out of the screen during live 3-D broadcasts, or watch the Discovery Channel and feel like I’m standing next to an African Elephant in my living room (sure to freak out Bosco the family dog if we could fit him with glasses).

The above parenthetical brings me to the real topic of this rant: GLASSES.

You see, this 3-D gimmick requires a new television, broadcasting content, and 3-D glasses. I have spent the better part of my life trying to avoid wearing glasses. In elementary school I ‘lost’ them on a regular basis. As soon as I was old enough, I switched to contact lenses. With each new development in optometry, I advanced to wearing my glasses less and less often – soft contact lenses by day, and glasses only at night, extended wear contact lenses worn for a week at a time, with glasses worn only while cleaning them, and disposable extended wear lenses that allowed me to avoid having to wear glasses during disinfecting-time. Finally, ten years ago, I underwent LASIK surgery. I’M FREE!! But I have this 3-D TV technology promise looming large in the future.

Vanity and convenience aren’t the only reasons I’m against needing 3-D glasses to watch television. I also hate the fact that I’m inundated with umpteen remote controls, video game controllers, and other gadgets to add to the clutter, to misplace, and to confuse. Add a pair of glasses for every member of the family as well as a few extra pairs for guests, and that’s a dozen more pieces of stuff I didn’t want around my house in the first place!

Best to you,
Lisa Lipkind Leibow
Author of Smart Womens’ Fiction

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3 Responses to LISA’S MONTHLY RANT: This Girl Passes On TV’s That Need Glasses

  1. admin says:

    Thanks for reinforcing my rant, ladies! I hope you stop by again, soon.

  2. Ashley says:

    I completely agree with this! But for other reasons…mainly that I can’t see the 3D even with the glasses. I’ve had a lazy eye since birth, it’s hardly noticeable now from all the surgery as a kid (back when there wasn’t lasik) but I have to really concentrate my eyes to be able to see 3D…and then it’s only for a second and is not worth it. I bet I’m missing out on a lot. I bet Avatar was 10x better.

  3. Joy says:

    For someone who went to the lengths you did to avoid glasses, I can understand why you’d be upset with the prospect of 3D Doodads aka additional clutter. 🙂

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